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Navigating Your Long Term Care Options

Almost 70% of people turning age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives.  Your path will be unique to you, and based on your personal preferences and circumstances. Our experts will assist you to find your path. 


Many people think the phrase “long-term care” refers to an insurance policy. While insurance may be a part of your strategy, long-term care encompasses everything from custodial support services and finances, to where you will live and how you will navigate the maze of legal, family, and social dynamics along the way.


We can advise you on strategies to protect your assets from probate, nursing home costs, and life in general. There are three stages of life, the Learning stage, the Earning stage, and the Yearning stage. We can offer you strategies so that you can achieve your goals in the Yearning stage.


Our Mission

About Us

Educating seniors on their options for medical care so that they may age with dignity and independence regardless of their financial situation.

RDC is a consulting company that works with non-profit organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, senior centers, religious organizations,  to educate seniors on how to avail their long term care entitlement by the book.

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