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Our Team

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Rey Dela Cruz

CEO and Founder of RDC, Inc.

Rey worked for a CPA firm for 7 years after graduating from high school. He received his certificate in finance and accounting. As president and founder, Rey De La Cruz directs RDC, Inc.’s operations, finances, as well as the planning and execution of the company’s strategy, policies and relationships. Prior to founding RDC, Inc. Rey, owned a food distribution company and served the community as an insurance agent. As an independent agent, Rey has over two decades of experience qualifying seniors for their LTC entitlement. Rey’s passion for helping people and his intricate knowledge of the distribution business have enabled him to create a unique corporate structure that operates with very low overhead enabling him to pass significant savings to the seniors and families he serves. 


Charlton Curry

Business Development Consultant with RDC, Inc.

Two decades of insurance recruiting. California Co-Chair of National Black Wall Street, a 50 year National organization advocating for US Reparations. Owner of BIG C SPORTS Podcast, a worldwide audience can be heard on iHeart Radio Podcast. 

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Scott Tibbedeaux

Legal Counsel

Scott started his law career working as Paralegal in a Personnel Injury Law Firm, then moved on to working as a Clerk in San Joaquin County Superior Court while attending Law School. Working and going to school, Scott graduated from Stanislaus State with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Furthering his education, Scott then attended Humphrey's School of Law and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2007.

Scott and his Associates law firm has been supporting small and family own businesses. He believes that small firms of lawyers are better able to provide personalized attention to their clients. 

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Faye Magpayo

Territorial Manager

Consultant/Licensed Agernt

Faye educates senior citizens on how to preserve their assets and obtain long term care entitlement from the government, helping them to explore and understand all their options. She is very active in the church community where she leads a ministry called "Servants of the Holy Eucharist" at St. Anne's Church in Union City. She's on a crusade to help those who are in need, regardless of age.


Rupert Galace

Licensed agent


Joseph Dee

Consultant/Licensed Agent



Alex Ocampo

Consultant/Licensed Agent



Wade Miller

Licensed Agent


Jonathan Gangozo

Licensed Agent

With more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, Jonathan’s main focus now is on educating people on how money works. He helps change a family’s financial trajectory for the better by utilizing different financial tools such as life insurance, annuities, irrevocable trusts and Long Term Care entitlement.


Osias S. Balgos

Licensed Agent


Leilani Mulidore

Licensed Agent


Gina Sumbang

Licensed Agent

Resources Development Consulting

Christie A Fisher

Consultant/Licensed Agent


chad vincent.jpg

Chad Vincent

Consultant - San Jaoquin County

Chad Vincent is a licensed insurance agent who spends his time helping people with various challenges regarding Long Term Care. He works with multiple carriers and he offers choice and selection for many financial and insurance products needed for asset protection and preservation. He commits to help one individual, one family at a time in a time of crisis. Coming from a background in health services for 20 years, he strongly believes physical health and financial health go hand in hand to enjoying the golden years.


Angelica Castrejon


Angelica has over 20 years of experience in the Insurance and Real Estate industries. Having served in various leadership positions with some of the nation’s largest insurance and financial services companies, Angelica has developed and managed top-producing teams throughout her career.

Angelica is a recognized expert in navigating and implementing solutions for our Senior Long Term Care dilemma, specializing in strategies for protection and preservation of assets, utilizing the Resource Development Consulting solutions for LTC needs.

Angelica is also Bi-lingual and Bi-Cultural, well versed in Spanish, she is aware of the dire need to spread her knowledge throughout local Hispanic and Latino communities nationwide. She is a master communicator, trainer and presenter. Angelica is passionate about helping people and her integrity and work ethic are second to none.














Pete and Marbe Agmata

Director of Public Relations & Advisors

Pete and Marbe Agmata have been serving the senior community* for over 60 years collectively. Together as a team, they thrived as Administrators and Proprietors of a 65­bed Residential Carehome for the Elderly (RCFE) in Butte County and nine 6­bed facilities in the Bay Area for over 25 years, as well as industry leaders for RCFE business owners, hospital administration, and Dementia care consulting. They witnessed and aided many seniors trying to navigate through finding the proper health, medical, long term care and financial coverage for both private pay and via Medicare/MediCal entitlement. They've seen good stories. They've observed stories that could have used so much more care and planning. Hand in hand, Pete and Marbe's professional and personal mission is to serve this community, especially each of their clients ­ whose stories they care for.

Marbe's field of study is nursing and she has used her passion and expertise as she served as a member of the State Community Care Licensing Advisory Board for over the years and as an educator and presenter to RCFE conferences and facilities in Northern California. She was honored in Sacramento, California as "Business Woman of the Year". Pete is a graduate of the University of Hawaii in the study of Business Administration and has been an Insurance, Real Estate, and Mortgage broker since 1982. Together as a one, they leverage their knowledge, experience, and hearts of ministry to serve and care for the needs of their clients, especially the senior community.

"We are happy to partner with RDC. We are able to widen our chosen career and passion to serve the seniors." Pete Agmata Jr.

"My true JOY is to serve those who are in need. Pete and I have dedicated our lives to our faith, our family, and to those we can help. If it is our work that allows us to do that, that is more JOY." ­Marbe Agmata


Ed Bautista

Territorial Manager

Ed C Bautista has been a practitioner of management and operations in the field of Engineeering and Financial services for 20 years. Starting 2006, he went on to helping people through their needs in commercial and residential property investment, mortgage planning, and insurance. He is extremely passionate about medical planning, financial literacy and protection. He truly believes a revolution has started in this industry as people began to realize the need for medical planning and asset preservation to confront their problems. Through proper educational programs and networking with other professionals, we are able to serve a lot of people.

Ed is a graduate of Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and holds licensees as a Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Officer, Insurance agent. He always believes that " an hour of prevention is better than years of cure".


Jerome Baldonado


Jerome's advocacy for seniors began as a nurse practitioner doing health assessments for Medicare advantage clients. In his visits, he saw firsthand the difficulties endured by the families as their aging loved ones declined in function with advancing years. Being a licensed financial professional also, with particular focus on Medi-Cal planning, Jerome has helped seniors qualify for government long term care entitlement, giving hope and comfort to the families during these final stages of life. He has made it a personal commitment to educate, prepare and support the elderly throughout the whole care of planning process.


Noel Oblena

Licensed agent

Emmanuel “Noel” Oblena has been a licensed insurance agent for over 20 years. He has a degree in Bachelor of Science major in Accounting. He is always on the lookout for cutting edge financial products that will help his clients and his experience includes Annuities, Term and Permanent Life Insurance, IRA rollover, Pre-Need insurance, LTC entitlement, and Income Retirement Planning. He is also affiliated with multiple Top A-rated insurance carriers. Noel believes in the ideology of “client comes first” when helping clients with their needs. Noel enjoys spending time with family, reading the Bible, Gym workout, Golf, and salsa dancing.


Paul Hunt

Licensed Agent

He has been part of a Patient Visitation Group for the past 10 years assisting the sick and elderly in hospitals, care facilities and in their homes providing appropriate and necessary care and comfort for these unfortunate ones. Paul is a ministerial trained graduate, and has served on foreign soil as a missionary for 3-1/2 years. 

As a licensed agent I look forward in helping many more with their particular needs. -Paul H.

paul pic real estate92514.png

Paul Champlin

Director, Northern California

Paul brings a high level of passion, integrity, honesty and knowledge. his proven leadership and organizational skills and commitment to excellence. paul has served Northern California for more than 2 decades helping clients with their insurance, long term care and Real estate needs. A top producer who loves people as well as the planning and execution of the company’s strategy, policies and building lasting relationships.

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