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Dear Rey,


Six Years ago, 2010, the care of my Mother, Ouida M. Hammond became a great chain of events in securing Medi-Cal.

My mother was living with us after the death of her husband. She was not mobile, and had to use a walker at all times. With her Alzheimer's being at a moderate stage she would ....





Lorleen P. Rode (Lorrie)




To Whom It May Concern:


Over the years as a Director of the Senior Center in West Sacramento,  I have had the opportunity to work with many exceptional and  sympathetic individuals. However, at the top of my list is the name of  Rey Dela Cruz.

In our years of ....

Irene Santiago

Information & Assistance Director City of West Sacramento Community Center





As you may be aware, due to increasing costs and other trends in the long-term care industry, the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) increased member premiums averaging...

Robert F. Carlson

CalPERS Vice President




I tried to recall as much as I could what transpired during my conversation with the lady clerk at the Medi-Cal Office at San Mateo North County....




Feliciano Ungson





You can't change your situation financially. Initially I filled out my paper work to start with and I was told I have done something wrong and anyway, they handled everything and they got it down to where it's, like I said before it's a big relief and they helped so much, I can't just thank them enough.

"How can you possibly thank a group that will come in help you with your paper work and go to the people in MediCal and stand in for you and it's.. how do you beat that?" 

Bill Peterson


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